Why Triline GRC

TriLine GRC covers off your 3 lines of defence in relation to Governance, Risk and Compliance. The 1st line of defence is in good governance, your Chief Risk Officer should be across this. 2nd line of defence is risk and Risk Management, and a good Risk Management System will help you manage this. 3rd line of defence is Compliance and a Compliance Framework to manage Compliance Controls and Compliance Management can be easily managed using ERM software. An Enterprise Risk Management System with ERM software and an ERM system will manage your Governance, Risk and Compliance elements. GRC software assists you to create a Governance Risk and Compliance System to manage Operational Compliance, Operational Risk Management and limit Market risk.

Risk isn’t about chances, it’s about taking risk seriously, like Strategic risk, risk reporting and risk scoring to benefit your business. Strategic risk and sustainable risk are part of the three lines of defence aka as the 3 lines of defence. Your Chief Risk Officer will have heard about the 3 lines of defence and the importance of Governance, Risk and Compliance or GRC. This is also known as ERM or Enterprise Risk Management, but Compliance and Compliance Management and Compliance Systems have become a vital part of business strategies going into the next phase of business success. Being on top of Financial Risk, Operational Risk, Strategic Risk and Human Resource Risk is what builds solid businesses foundations.

The Internal controls and Governance established within your business is what will assist you to withstand Market Pressure and Operational Risks that are unforeseen or unexpected. TriLine GRC brings consistency, structure, control and continuity to your business processes. You no longer have to juggle spreadsheets or make endless diary notes to remember to meet the requirements of your Compliance Policy. Our GRC Framework supports the ‘3 lines of defence’ model for managing risk and compliance with task ownership and escalation capabilities, complementing risk culture objectives. It is a cost efficient way to deliver assurances around your governance processes while reducing the need for additional governance staff due to automation and inbuilt reporting.

Companies around the world are enjoying the benefits of the TriLine GRC system every day and find the smart features such as Detective controls, Key Metrics, the Obligations Register and the Control library to be vital parts of their GRC strategy. SO 31000 Risk Management encouraged the use of a 3 lines of defence framework for Risk Management to embed a strong risk culture.

Having a single integrated platform that facilitates the front line ownership of the risk and compliance obligations by all your staff also increases your value for money by installing Preventative Controls among other things.