Why Triline GRC is Different

TriLine GRC is a fully integrated solution that covers:


Risk Management


Events (Incidents and Breaches)

More importantly, the system can be easily tailored to suit your environment, methodology and appetite for detail. Compliance and risk management can be easily deployed across the business or remain centralised.

In 2016 we launched our Contract Management Module. Contract Management provides a Control library to assist Internal Controls within your organisation. TriLine GRC supports the ‘3 lines of defence’ model for managing risk and compliance with task ownership and escalation capabilities, complementing risk culture objectives. It is a cost effective way to manage Risk Reporting, Compliance Management and overall Quality Governance to your organisation. It reduces the need for additional governance staff due to automation and inbuilt reporting. TriLine GRC allows you to easily align your Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) obligations with ISO 31000: Risk Management – Principles & Guidelines and the new ISO 19600: Compliance Management Systems Guidelines.

With TriLine GRC, you’re not a customer or a number, you become a partner. As risk and compliance practitioners, we understand the challenges you face in business. We act as partners to your business to support your risk and compliance program using our ERM Software system. The Audit software and Compliance Software deliver regular, accurate insights into day-to-day management issues while the Risk Management Dashboard determines Risk Categories and identifies and reminds the Risk Owners of their responsibilities to update Risk Reports within the Risk Framework.   These aspects of Regulatory Compliance assist the overall Operational Risk Management system to work seamlessly and effectively. Key Metrics are used to manage KRI’s and Market Risk.

When staff are made aware of Key Risk Indicators, they can take Preventative Action to reduce or eliminate issues that can cripple a company. Managing Strategic Risk and Sustainability Risk on a day to day basis, being able to quickly and accurately report Incidents and Breaches, update Internal control sand create easy to ready Board Reports, make TriLine GRC the system of choice for Enterprise Risk Management staff the world over.

Some companies use basic reporting and manage their 1st line of defense, others may blend traditional spreadsheet recording with basic software with limited functionality and cover off their 2nd line of defense, but to fully and holistically manage all Three Lines of Defense in a way that engages all staff, encourages accountability and ownership and put smiles on the faces of Chief Risk Officers, Board members and Upper and Mid level Managers throughout your organisation, you need a system with the intuitive features of TriLine GRC, ERM software is the way to go into the next generation and to integrate Quality Governance within your organisation.