What is Governance

TriLine GRC provides the tools for Risk Management, Operational Compliance and Operational Risk Management and when these Internal Controls are present, good Governance, sound Management and Incidents and Breaches are maintained and managed limiting Market Risk and Operational Risk. Compliance Management is often supervised by the Compliance Manager or Risk Manager but an Enterprise Risk Management System or ERM system or ERM software, such as TriLine GRC, is your First Line of Defence, aka as your 1st line of defence being part of the established 3 lines of defence strategy.

GRC Software and GRC systems such as TriLine GRC assist good Governance using elements such as the Gift Register, Event Register, Operations Register and an Enterprise Risk Management System that integrates the First line of defence, the Second line of defence and the Third line of defence, it’s like an Internal Auditor protecting your company from Market Risk, Operational Risk, often unforeseen but if you are prepared, you can take necessary action and avert risk and limit damage. A company with Good Governance in place is a company who understands the need for effective Risk Management, for sound Risk Management strategies and ongoing Compliance and Compliance Management. The best way to manage this is using a user-friendly, integrated GRC software system such as TriLine GRC.

Our GRC system is a purpose built GRC solution providing a single integrated platform for managing all your Risk, Compliance and Incident management and reporting obligations. It is built to align with both ISO31000: Risk Management — Principles and Guidelines, and ISO 19600: Compliance Management Systems. The flexibility of this ERM software allows you to start slowly and build on your GRC framework as you move on from spreadsheets and other forms of tracking to a more intuitive, scalable and intelligent GRC system.

Here’s what one customer had to say about how TriLine GRC changed their businesses ERM system: “We found TriLine GRC to be very adaptable and our current risk management plan, processes and methodologies were able to be integrated into their GRC software with no changes required to our framework or Enterprise Risk Management System.   The integration and training was done to a level that allowed us to commence using their user-friendly GRC Software immediately.

Having a systematic approach to risk management and our compliance programme, the email reminders containing the tasks and the descriptions has improved the quality and description of our compliance programme and Risk Management. Operational compliance is now easier to manage, we are on top of Financial Risk and Incidents and Breaches are easily reported. Our Strategic Risk is reduced and we meet all our Regulatory Compliance requirements. The Three lines of defence work for us”.