Risk Management

Risk Management means the ability to identify, prioritize and manage risk areas across the enterprise. TriLine GRC is able to automate Risk Assessment by creating a risk matrix as part of your Risk Framework to link your Operational Risk to strategic objectives and compliance programs.

All organisations take risks. Sustainable organisations understand their risks and have aligned and embedded their risk management framework into the day-to-day operations of the entire business to ensure that risks are understood and, where appropriate, mitigated. These include Financial Risk, Operational Risk, Cyber Risk, Strategic Risk and Market Risk.

Regardless of the sophistication or complexity of your organisation, we understand your goal is to understand risk, develop controls to mitigate key risks, implement monitoring and review processes to ensure effectiveness of controls and have in place appropriate Risk Management Plans to manage Risk Events. Developing a Risk Management culture that’s in tune with regulatory requirements means creating an organisational culture where strategy and objectives are embedded from the top down.

Our ERM software system enables every risk management program – at every level of complexity – to achieve the end result of risk understanding and control. The system has the ability to communicate and manage critical, high risk policies – like gift registers, event registers, conflicts of interest disclosures as well as automating workflow and approval processes to meet audit reporting needs.

TriLine GRC uses state of the art technology to communicate with staff and third parties, including automated risk control self assessment certifications, attestations, surveys, questionnaires (including due diligence questionnaires to combat bribery & corruption cost-effectively). The highly-rated, robust and scalable GRC software system manages every

aspect of corporate governance and risk – you decide how much capability you require based on your unique business needs

Incidents and breaches are managed using technology that captures information gleaned from policies, disclosures, questionnaires, certifications and hotline submissions and links into our GRC Software platform to improve issue management efficiency and identify lead indicators. A range of alerts increases your understand of Key Risk Indicators and the Key Metrics help you maintain KRI’s across the organisation.

The Cambridge Risk Taxonomy report from June 2014 describes the need for a systematic assessment of the taxonomy of threats that have the potential to cause damage and disruption to social and economic systems around world. These threats are of interest because they are complex risks that impact the global economy and can cause losses in unexpected ways and place and trigger financial crises that impact capital markets and investment portfolios. Risk and the need for Risk Management has become standard good management practice and developing a sound risk taxonomy helps to identify and counteract threats.