Why TriLine GRC

TriLine GRC is the total solution to help you develop and implement your 3 lines of defence and underpin your governance framework.

GRC is commonly expanded to mean Governance, Risk and Compliance.

At TriLine GRC we see it also as GROWTH, RESILIENCE and CONNECTION

What is governance?

It can be described as a set of relationships between a company’s management, board, shareholders, and other stakeholders, which provides the structure through which the objectives of the company are set. Furthermore it provides the means of attaining and monitoring performance against those objectives.

Corporate governance is fundamental to successfully continuing operating of any business or organisation.

Underpinning the governance framework

Good governance not only requires intent and commitment from senior management but an underlying framework that provides ongoing confirmation and accountability from below.

The underlying framework is not static and needs consistent management, tweaking and monitoring.

For smaller organisations that can be one person and a spreadsheet, but if you have more than 5 staff there is a viable business case for implementing a dedicated system.

GRC system or spreadsheets?

Many organisations think that a spreadsheet is a cost effective solution to monitor and track a what can be a comprehensive process.

Formalising and developing a GRC framework that is enduring, workable and scalable, is far more cost effective using the right tools and getting it right the first time.

In some organisations, the IT Department will suggest an internal solution and there are many reasons why this is not cost effective.

Whilst spreadsheets seem like a quick fix, it doesn’t address the lack of cohesion and the greatest cost of internal staffing.

A compelling case

There is a compelling case for TriLine GRC?

  • Saving staff or at least defer further recruitment, costing as little as 20% of one compliance or risk person (Per Annum)
  • Allowing the Board and Management to embed the strategic plan down through the organisation and drive Growth
  • Building greater organisational Resilience through risk ownership
  • Simplifying a complicated process by engaging the first line
  • Connecting all staff through a transparency unattainable using spreadsheets
  • Providing 24/7 assurance whether compliance and risk staff are there or not.

Why TriLine GRC is different

The TriLine GRC solution is different because it is :

  • Sophisticated yet very affordable which means you get a long term solution
  • Scalable, flexible and user definable
  • Supports the ‘3 lines of defence’ framework
  • Intuitive and easy to use allows for rapid deployment
  • Fully integrated
  • Adaptable from small to large organisations
  • It is not industry specific and can be used in most business situations.

We listen to you, over new 200 features in the last 3 versions, of which 85% are suggestions from users.

Organisations of all sizes benefit from good governance, in some sectors it is a regulatory mandate.

TrIline GRC has been helping organisations globally with governance, risk and compliance since 2008. We currently have the clients in the following sectors:

  • Banks
  • Credit Unions
  • Building Societies
  • Forestry
  • Health Insurers
  • Not For Profit
  • Electronics
  • Food testing and validation
  • Fund Managers
  • Superannuation
  • Quality Assurance, Standards and Assessment

The versatility and flexibility if Triline GRC will produce immediate benefits to most organisations.

What does TriLine GRC cover

TriLine GRC is a fully integrated enterprise solution that covers

  • Compliance
  • Risk Management
  • Key Metrics
  • Reporting
  • Incidents and Breaches
  • Contract Management.

Our major point of difference is that is TriLine GRC is extremely intuitive whilst remaining functionally rich and versatile.


The TriLine GRC compliance management module can be the repository of corporate knowledge, covering:

  • Operational compliance
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Control validation and self assessment
  • Audit controls and assurances
  • An easy channel to track your 1st and 2nd line of defence.

It by far the easiest way to seamlessly provide evidence to management or 3rd parties that you have fulfilled your obligations. The controls are unobtrusive and can be embedded into the organisational culture.

Risk Management

TriLine GRC can ease the risk management journey. Regardless of whether you are just starting, have realised the limitations of spreadsheets, or have a system you are not happy with, we can quickly meld your current position into our system.

Change is easier and cheaper than you think, to do nothing is the more expensive option.

Our simplified risk approach engages 1st line managers to take ownership and allows Risk Managers to truly manage risk.

Key Metrics

Most organisations capture and report Key Risk Indicators or some form of Key Metrics

Usually, it usually the Compliance and Risk department that has to chase individuals for numbers, collate, interpret and report.

TriLine GRC engages the KRI owners to record, interpret and give a response for the current position before it goes to management.

Event Register

The Event Register can be renamed to suit your terminology, but more importantly it is a portal so that all staff can easily report events which may or not be incidents or breaches.

Form design and workflows can be developed without programming experience, in a matter of hours not days or months.

Triline GRC also comes pre-loaded with standard forms that can be quickly modified.

Contract Management

More than a contract register, the TriLine GRC Contract Management module enables organisations to manage all aspects of their contracts.

From vendor validation, contract renewals and service level agreements, the process is automated enabling contract owners and line managers to take responsibility; and of course it is fullintegrated to the rest of the system.

Where is your organisation in the GRC journey?

  • We are just starting
  • We are establishing a business case for a system
  • We are using Word and Excel
  • We have a system that could be better

All of the above responses require a demonstration of TriLine GRC from one of our helpful staff.

What is the 3 lines of defence

The 3 lines of defence (3LOD) has become the defacto standard for risk management globally for regulators, boards and management.

It is unlikely we can say anything new, so here are some links to some good articles:

Often the IT Department will insist or offer to develop a solution in SharePoint® or some other tool they have available.

This can often seem attractive to the budget conscious CFO, but users soon find they are out of date and out of step with changing business needs. Allocating time, resources and finding the knowledge to continually upgrade and keep the in house solution relevant, eliminates any presumed cost savings and efficiencies.

It would need a full time resource to keep the system relevant and documented where a commercially available solution such as TriLine GRC has the constant refinement from professionals and feedback from hundreds of users.

What does happen when the expert in IT leaves and no one else has the same enthusiasm? Download our White Paper to stand up to IT.

Managing GRC is a dynamic process and static registers in spreadsheets will not meet the requirements of the Board or the regulator. Your GRC platform must have a database that allows users to create relationships between regulations, policies, controls, risks, processes, business units, positions and key risk indicators. Without, it often becomes a collation of a manual process which is costly and prone to error.

While spreadsheets are readily available and understood by most people, they can create just as many risks as they try to monitor. The dictionary defines a spreadsheet as … ‘an electronic document in which data is arranged in the rows and columns of a grid and can be manipulated’  What does happen when the expert in IT leaves and no one else has the same enthusiasm? Download our White Paper to stand up to IT.

Spreadsheets seem like a cost effective option but can have several limitations, to name just a few

  • There is no effective audit trail or easy way to track change. Being able to manipulate or change data without controls is a risk in itself
  • It may not meet regulatory or legal requirements
  • If the file is shared, version control becomes an issue and you are asking ‘Is this the current version?’
  • Reporting becomes inconsistent and open to manipulation
  • It becomes ‘Mary’s’ spreadsheet and sometimes only ‘Mary’ understands
  • You cannot have attachment to spreadsheets evidencing risk reviews, incidents or control checks
  • Mistakes in the spreadsheet are not easily identified, allow errors to manifest over many years.