Often known as a GRC system, ERM system or Enterprise Risk Management strategy, the ERM software you use to Control self assessment and set Compliance Policy in your company is part of the 3 lines of defense. First line of defense is Governance, Second line of defense is Operational Risk Management. The Third line of defense is Compliance and managing all the elements and obligations takes a system that’s a lot more intuitive than a spreadsheet. Using a Risk Management Spreadsheet is restrictive. Many successful companies have demonstrated that Audit Software and ERM software does the job better. GRC Software creates Compliance controls to assist your Compliance Manager or ERM system to function more efficiently. GRC Software provides easy management of Incidents and breaches, allowing your CRO to allocate time more productively and efficiently for the betterment of your company as a whole.

The Risk Dashboard on our GRC Software covers a number of Risk categories which assist in the management of your overall Risk register and assists in accurate and regular creation of clear and concise Risk Reports.   Managers throughout all levels can be actively involved in your overall Compliance and Risk system and be aware of Operational Risk and operational compliance relative to their level of responsibility.

We have Testimonials from clients who once relied solely on Spreadsheets and Microsoft Office Applications to manage their Risk before transferring to an integrated ERM system such as TriLine GRC. Everyone from the CEO, to the CFO and CRO in these organisations now wonder why they struggled with antiquated spreadsheets. The benefits to their organisations of our ERM Software system was obvious within the first few days of operation, and the functionality and user-friendly nature of the TriLine GRC system was an instant hit through all levels of the companies.

Using the Three Lines of Defence strategy, TriLine GRC identifies the Risk Owner and provides regular reminders and an easy to read Risk Matrix to manage areas such as Financial Risk, Operational Risk, Compliance Risk and Regulatory Compliance. International businesses are now expected to have compliance and risk management embedded in the business so your staff can take responsibility for their compliance obligations and participate in the enterprise risk management process. TriLine GRC is the ‘nudge’ that allows you to do that and it puts the controls at your fingertips. Users can see where your organisation sits with your risk and compliance obligations. Real Time Dashboard Reporting is available, customisable to allow each user to see what is important to them and scalable to suit your specific requirements.

Our GRC system is browser independent although we recommend IE10 or greater. Initial testing with Microsoft Edge has not highlighted any issues. It is also fully compatible with all mobile browsers. It also has a specific mobile interface with a subset of functionality. We also have customers using a Citrix environment. Don’t struggle with spreadsheets or old fashioned reporting methods, there is an easier, more effective, efficient and smarter way to manage GRC.