Governance Framework

All good ERM systems rely on ERM software to create an Enterprise Risk Management Framework to manage Incidents and Breaches, Operational Risk, Compliance Management and Detective controls. Contract Management and Internal Controls come together in the 1st line of defense backing up the 2nd line of defence as part of an overall strategic Compliance Policy normally overseen by Compliance Management as part of a Compliance Policy. Often issues are seen in the Internal Audit or identified by Key Risk Indictors or KRI’s.

TriLine GRC ERM Software is the foundation for GRC or Governance, Risk and Compliance software systems to manage Operational Risk and Preventative Controls.. Our ERM system allows you to easily align your Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) obligations with ISO 31000: Risk Management – Principles & Guidelines and the new ISO 19600: Compliance Management Systems Guidelines. These form the underpinning foundation of your Governance Framework, and Internal Auditor that delivers the 1st line of defence, the 2nd line of defence and the proven 3rd line of defence, the Three Lines of Defense that make up the TriLine GRC system. Your Chief Risk Officer would save tens of thousands of hours of any given year on Compliance Management, compliance controls and Internal audit processes just by forming a partnership with Triline.

As risk and compliance practitioners, we understand the challenges that businesses have in front of them. We act as partners to your business to support your risk and compliance program using TriLine GRC as the foundation of your Enterprise Risk Management System. What makes this GRC software so attractive to CRO’s around the world is that it’s a fully integrated solution that covers:

  • Compliance
  • Risk Management
  • KRIs
  • Events (Incidents and Breaches)

More importantly, the system can be easily tailored to suit your environment, methodology and appetite for detail. Compliance and risk management can be easily deployed across the business or remain centralised and it delivers new solutions to Control Risk and Conduct risk and Risk Management within the organisation.   With an intuitive interface, events can be overseen at the business unit level as well as from a corporate perspective and Risk reporting is easily accessed from a Risk Dashboard that is easy to navigate.

Our scalable GRC software allows you to see at a glance where the organisation sits with your risk and compliance obligations. Real time Dashboard reporting is available, customisable allowing each user to see what is important to them. Views can be enterprise wide down to business unit or user specific. The Risk categories and Compliance Management content means everyone can be involved in the process of GRC within your organisation – this underpinning a solid Governance framework that’s only possible when you are using a GRC Software like TriLine GRC, the ERM software solution for the next generation of corporate giants.