Event Register

The Events Register is where your staff record Incidents and Breaches as part of your Risk Management framework. Your Chief Risk Officer should have outlined clearly in the Risk Policy the steps to be taken to reports Incidents and Breaches. Generally an organisation will have Risk Management Procedures to follow to manage potential Compliance Failures and these would be in association with a Compliance Framework – Governing Policy to manage Risk and Incident Management within an organisation.

TriLine GRC provides a systematic process for reporting of Incidents and breaches so Preventative controls can be implemented and matters referred to Risk and Audit Committees or your Chief Risk Officer for follow-up and action.

All staff members can engage in the TriLine GRC Event Register and raise compliance issues that are of concern to them. Events can be recorded in the Risk Register or Event Register and Risk Management staff can customise a Risk matrix within the ERM system to suit your specific Risk Reporting requirements or Risk Management needs. Using the Three Lines of Defence strategy, risk can be identified, managed and controlled using Control self assessment, and the user-friendly Risk Dashboard. TriLine GRC comes with a number of pre-loaded forms which make reporting of Incidents and Breaches even easier, quicker and more user-friendly for staff at all levels of your organisation.

Compliance Management relies upon effective, efficient and accurate Risk Reporting and a Compliance and Risk Framework that makes it easy for staff to interact on a regular basis. Using spreadsheets to record Incidents opens your organisation up to legal challenge and regulatory intervention where TriLine GRC captures Incident Reports, escalates them where necessary, activates alerts where necessary, updates Risk software and can generate accurate Incident Reports for regulatory authorities thus mitigating Operational and Financial risk for your organisation.

Good Governance involves Growth through Governance, Communication for Compliance and a Resolution to minimise Risk – covering the First Line of Defence, the Second Line of Defence and the all important Third Line of Defence.