The TriLine GRC compliance management module can be the repository of corporate knowledge, covering:   Operational compliance, Regulatory compliance, Control validation and self assessment, Audit controls and assurances. It’s an easy channel to track your 1st line of defence, your second line of defence, and the all important 3rd line of defence. Using our Compliance Management software is the easiest way to seamlessly provide evidence to management or Third parties that you have fulfilled your Compliance obligations and Compliance Certificate. The controls are unobtrusive and can be embedded into the organisational culture using a Compliance framework that integrates compliance controls into everyday tasks. These Detective controls assist in overall Operational Compliance that limits Operational Risk and ensures your Compliance Management framework is standing up. Compliance is part of business these days.

Good Governance relies on maintaining a strong and efficient Compliance system to manage Incidents and breaches, to maintain regulatory requirements, to meet legal needs and to act like an Internal auditor to provide preventative controls over Regulatory Compliance. Compliance requirements can be a bit like the weather, constantly changing. Simply staying on top of every element is exhausting and can drain human and financial resources. Your TriLine GRC system can manage it for you. Covering things like:

Operational compliance; Regulatory compliance; Control validation and self assessment

Audit controls and assurances; Monitor and track your 1st and 2nd line of defence. Our ERM system makes it easy for you to extract evidence for internal or external regulators – one or two mouse clicks and it’s done. Compliance at the click of a mouse button – what could be easier! Creating a Compliance Policy is easy as well, we can assist you with Compliance content and Compliance controls which will assist your Compliance Manager or Chief Risk Officer to ensure your meet your Compliance requirements. GRC software connects with regulatory repositories to update you on changes, amendments and alterations that will affect your Compliance framework and Compliance requirements.

The Control library gives you access to Control self assessment so you can see what areas need attention. Some people consider Compliance the First Line of Defence and the starting point of the all important Three Lines of Defence system. Using ERM software helps your company manage Compliance as well as Risk Management, Operational Risk and Regulatory Compliance issues. It is a comprehensive software solution that streamlines governance, risk, compliance and internal audit processes for organizations of all sizes. TriLine GRC is designed to make compliance, risk and audit management easier, less costly, and much more manageable – even for organizations in highly regulated industries.

Using a highly configurable set of modules you can easily maintain the records needed to demonstrate full control of compliance, risk and audit programs in areas such as Policy Management: Automate full life-cycle management of policies and procedures including customizable workflow for collaboration and approval processes as well as comprehensive document management including version control and audit trail, Compliance Management: Ensure up-to-date regulatory compliance with alerts coupled with compliance assessments to identify and remediate gaps.