A Compelling Case

Any organisation wishing to manage their risk and compliance program has to invest in the best infrastructure to support their GRC process. The benefits of using our ERM system for your GRC solution include engaging your staff to use the product is critical to your risk and compliance culture, and our system is by far the most intuitive and the easiest to implement and use. It’s a purpose built GRC solution providing single integrated platform for managing all your Risk, Compliance and Incident management and reporting obligations. It is built to align with both ISO31000: Risk Management — Principles and Guidelines, and ISO 19600: Compliance Management Systems.

Using the 3 lines of defence strategy, TriLine GRC is flexible enough that you can build it up as you need to. In house programs might sound attractive, but users soon find they are out of date. Allocating time, resources and finding the knowledge to continually upgrade and keep the in house solution relevant, eliminates any assumed cost savings and efficiencies. These basic in-house systems don’t cover essential elements such as Audit reporting, Compliance Management, Obligations Register, Gift register or RAG scoring. Installing Enterprise Risk Management software represents value for money. It is much less than the salary cost of a Risk & Compliance Officer. Unlike other providers, we do no charge extra for ‘Help Desk’ calls or ask you to pay for any further report writing or configuration you might want help with. What we do is show your dedicated super users and administrators how to do this.

ISO 31000 Risk Management encouraged the use of a 3 lines of defence framework for Risk Management to embed a strong risk culture. Having a single integrated platform that facilitates the front line ownership of the risk and compliance obligations by all your staff also increases your value for money. TriLine GRC is that single platform, managing the 1st line of defence, the 2nd line of defence and the 3rd line of defence – to create a fortress around your company and your people. International businesses are now expected to have compliance and risk management embedded in the business so that your staff can take responsibility for their compliance obligations and participate in the enterprise risk management process. TriLine GRC has one of the most extensive reporting options available — all under the control of the user; with over 30 core reports and charts.

You can filter by Business Unit, Category, Date, Responsibility and Actioned By as well as date ranges. With filtering and sorting options, this extends the reporting available to close to 300 variations. Adhoc reports can be created by the user to interrogate the data or create user specific reports. When it comes to Compliance, few systems can match the Compliance content available with TriLine GRC. The Compliance system is set on a compliance framework that integrates with your specific Compliance controls and Compliance policy. Nothing is overlooked and no stone is left unturned when Enterprise Risk Management and Compliance is managed by our ERM Software system